Addie Sorrell


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my portfolio! To tell you about myself, I'm schooled and experienced in a little bit of everything. Having sought education for travel, bartending, music, production and advertising, no closet can fit my amount of hats. An avid writer from a young age, I began to pursue this passion in my post-grad by making weekly contributions to a college newspaper consisting of factual articles on the entertainment industry, lightly dusted with a blunt point of view and dry humour. This style carried over into the next couple years, bringing me into the professional world of writing and to my recent position at a Toronto-based parenting magazine where I wrote dozens of related articles for both print and website.

In 2012, I was honoured to be featured on the TalentEgg website after writing an article based on my unique and trying experience as a music industry intern. My experiences and original perspective unexpectedly gained popularity when the same article was published in Metro newspaper, attracting the attention of CBC Radio and eventually being featured on CBC's Metro Morning to discuss this pertinent issue.

In recent years, I has written for college magazines, marketing materials, websites and blogs. I currently lives downtown as a happy Torontonian, dabbling in advertising, music, amateur photography and city life. I've turned my love of social media into a career by advising companies and individuals on their online presence and managing their social media accounts. I also host a regularly updated blog on the art of small apartment living. See my contact information and links for more!